TGIF: Weekend Date Picks


That guy probably just won the World Series (if it ain’t football, iownt know it), but I look the same way at my desk right now cuzz it’s FRIDAY!! My hat is off to you, beloved weekend, savior of my sanity, purveyor of my humanity; blessed be this day, for it is Friday.

Yes, I’m excited. Because with every Friday comes 48 uninterrupted hours of limitless possibilities. And if you’re a player in the game of D.C. Dating, those possibilities, well, they shrink… and become limited, but they still offer this one beautiful diamond in the rough: surprise. To keep it in check and help the weekend come to a close with only happy stories (and endings), here are my picks for this weekend’s best dates.


Black SwanIf you haven’t seen it yet, this is the perfect weekend. It’s Blanduary and it’s cold outside (SNOWMAGGEDON ALERT… rings untrue. Still probably hide your wives and children). Spice up date night with a psychological thriller in the vein of Requiem for a Dream (same director). Extra date points: You’ll not only be snuggling after a few shocking and scream-inducing moments, but you’ll be left talking about this one for a while. Showing at E Street Cinema & Leows Georgetown

If you’ve already seen Black Swan or are somehow uninterested, check out Alamar – a quasi-documentary, quasi-mythical trip into the relationship between a soon-to-be-estranged father and son. Showing at West End


City Girls World beat me to it: if you’re looking for an outdoors date in D.C., look no further than ice skating at the National Sculpture Garden. It’s a tad trite for my tastes for a first date, but if you’re on a second or third or at four years and looking for something to get you out of the pajamas and TNT movies winter weekend house rut – check it. 7th and Constitution Ave. NW; $10 for skate rental & 2-hours on the ice

PLAYOFF GAMES! Saturday is the kick-off (get it?) for NFL playoff season. My Falcons are on the verge of Super Bowl stardom, but even though they’re not playing – some other, lesser teams are. My pick: Green Bay v Philadelphia, Saturday at 4:30. If you’re not a die-hard supporter of either – arbitrarily pick a team, don their colors and have a blast pretending to be one with your boo while taking advantage of beer specials. Bars: Green Bay Packers – Hawk’N’Dove; Philadelphia Eagles – Rhino Bar & Pumphouse


Twitter is all abuzz with H Street’s newest opening: Smith Commons. Rumor has it if you dine with them this first weekend, you get 25% off your meal. Their craft beers and hand-selected chef items have left mouths watering. 12th and H NE


“Exposed” at Sova, an exhibit of the dying art-form (and currently ironic hipster artform that I love) of Polaroid snapshots, opened last night at my beloved neighborhood coffeeshop and wine bar. It continues this weekend. Date tip: continue your date at Fruit Bat, basically across the street, to create your own cocktails and keep the conversation flowing. Sova – 13th and H; Fruit Bat 12th and H NE

Woolly Mammoth – final performances of “The Girl’s Guide to Washington Politics” – they’re all sold out except for their benefit performance Saturday at 8:00 (warning: $150). $15 stampede tickets are also available (get their earrrllyy) for every performance… except Sunday night at 7:00, when you shouldn’t steal my tickets. It has received mixed reviews, but one thing remains consistent: this is a cast of funny women, and funny women should be supported and celebrated.

Tom Rachman reads from his debut novel, The Imperfectionists at Politics and Prose. The novel has received love notes incognito as reviews and Rachman looks to have a great story to share as a foreign-based journalist-turned-novelist. Date Tip: This is more of a “create-a-date” event. Could there be anything better than meeting a fellow adorable, lovable lit nerd at the reading of one of the year’s best novels?

Whatever you do this weekend, make sure it’s with this in mind: 48 uninterrupted hours of limitless possibilities. Live it up. Happy Friday!

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