Sometimes I Wish…

…I could still pass a note, folded into the shape of a miniature envelope, that says, “I like you. Do you like me? Check yes or no.”

…I could call a man without hesitating, thinking, “Wait. Did I call him last?”

…the doubting thought, “Is this just sex?” would never cross my mind.

…I wouldn’t walk away as soon as I start to feel vulnerable.

…admitting a need for assurance wasn’t heard as a euphemism for “insecure and needs validation.”

…I could be as forward, take-charge and unwaveringly confident in my dating life as I am in my professional and social ones.

…transparency was the new obtuseness in dating.

…writing a post like this didn’t make me feel weak.

…the dating game were kinder.

What would you change about dating?

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4 Responses to Sometimes I Wish…

  1. I wish more people were willing to take a chance..

    I wish there were less games…

    I wish it was easier to figure out if someone liked you…

  2. John Brown says:

    I wish

    …I didn’t fall in love thinking someone is falling for me too
    …I could text a girl asking her on a date and not have her turn me down just because she thinks I’m trying to get into her pants..I actually like spending time with people without sleeping with them
    …they’d call back when they say they’re going to…I get you’re busy but courtesy goes a long way
    …that being a nice guy wasn’t a fatal flaw..I hate being a jerk..but its what women like sometimes
    …that I could tell her how I really feel about her and not be judged
    …she would just tell me how she feels instead of worrying what I think
    …that her feelings didn’t change so much. How is it the more time I spend with her the deeper I fall but yet she drunkenly told me she loved me not a month after we started seeing each other and hasn’t said a word since
    …she was falling for me the same way I fell for her
    …there wasn’t so many issues (working together, her custody battle etc) so we could actually be together
    …I could convince her I want to be here all the time..not just when things are good, I want to be beside her when she’s feeling like the world is against her too
    …I didn’t have to tell her I can’t see her anymore because I’m too in love with her to just be friends for now until things worked out.

  3. Mel says:

    I wish your categories list was easier to navigate.
    I wish you’d post the rest of the story about fake Mr. T.
    I wish everything was made of chocolate.
    I wish I were asleep right now.

  4. City Girl says:

    You’re not weak; you’re insightful and self-aware!

    I wish that I didn’t tend to attract guys who ended up knowing each other.
    I wish I realized how great a guy Best Boy was sooner.
    I wish I could meet someone without thinking: How could you be attracted to me when my short hair looks like shit?

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